Are all features included to all plans?

No. View the list of features available on paid plans only above.

I’m on a Free plan. What if my MTR goes over $10,000?

We don't stop collecting data. Apphud SDK will continue working. We will handle iAP purchases and user subscription state changes. But you won’t have access to the rest of features, including Integrations and Rules.

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What is Montly Tracked Revenue (MTR)?

Monthly Tracked Revenue is calculated across all apps. For each app, MTR is the revenue in USD reported to Apphud during one billing period before Apple cut. We count only real transactions, sandbox purchases are not counted.


What’s the difference between paid plans?

Grow plan will be cheaper for you, If your MTR is high. There are several premium features available on paid plans only. View the list of them above.

What if I go over MTR included to my plan?

We don't stop collecting data. Once you’ve run out of MTR included in your plan you will be charged our additional rate:
– $7.99 per additional $1,000 MTR at Launch plan,
– $5.99 per additional $1,000 MTR at Grow plan,
– custom rate at Enterprise plan.

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iOS subscriptions tracking

Available on Free plan

Apple subscription status notifications proxy

Subscription cancellation insights tool

Automated rules to win back lapsed subscribers

User local currency real-time conversion

Integrations with mobile analytics and messengers

Online customer support in chat

Subscription offers integration with no backend required

App Store receipts validation

User subscription status checking

All features available on Free plan

Server-to-server webhooks

Unlimited collaborators

Customers API

Available on paid plans

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