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Integrate subscriptions in a few lines of code. Get subscription state of any user. Implement subscription offers without server.

Open source SDK

Our iOS SDK is lightweight and open source. Written on Swift. Works both with Swift and Objective-C apps. GitHub repository

Easily integrate promotional offers

Provide a discount for lapsed customers by using promotional offers. Check user eligibility to purchase promotional offer using our SDK. No server required.

Validate in-app subscriptions

Securely validate App Store receipts. Prevent fraud transactions and do not unlock premium features for cheaters.

Get subscription state of any user in a real time

Is a certain user non-paying, in trial or has active subscription? Forget about UserDefaults and Keychain. Apphud will keep user state up-to-date using Apple servers. All you need is to call one method from SDK.

Integrate in-app subscriptions in a 3 lines of code

You don’t need to add any custom logics anymore. Implement in-app subscriptions properly and with no pain with our SDK.

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