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Easily integrate subscriptions to your iOS app. View key metrics and send events to mobile analytics. Get cancellation insights and increase app revenue.

Build, Measure and Grow iOS subscription business

Integrates with your favourite mobile analytics and messengers.

Automatically win back lapsed subscribers. Reduce churn rate. Get cancellation insights.


View key subscription metrics in a Dashboard. Send all events to mobile analytics and messengers.


Subscriptions integrations has never been easier. Just few lines of code – and all set.



Apphud.purchasePromo(product, discountID: discountID) { (subscription, error) in​​​​​​​
// handle result

Use subscription offers like a boss

Use Apphud to easily give a discount for existing and lapsed customers. No backend required.

Easily integrate subscriptions

Apphud takes care of a subscription purchase process. Just call two SDK methods.

Apphud.start(apiKey: "api_key")
Apphud.purchase(product) { (subscription, error) in
// handle result

Get real-time subscription state of a user

Get user subscription state and give access to your app features as needed.


Send subscription events to other analytics and messengers: trial activation, conversion, subscription renewal, cancellation etc. Apphud will also convert user local currency.

Send subscriptions events to mobile analytics and messengers





Integrate Slack or Telegram and receive a notification when a user starts trial, gets billed or cancels a subscription.

Receive a notification when a user gets billed

Analyze key metrics of your subscription business

Know how many users start trials, convert to paying customers and renew.

Create purchase screens in the editor without coding

Don’t waste time on purchase screens coding. Easily create them with a desired design in 5 minutes using powerful editor.


Win back lapsed subscribers

Create rules to win back lapsed customers by providing them a discount. Create purchase screens in our editor. No additional coding required.

...we’ll offer a discount or new trial to win him back

If the subscription was too expensive to a user...

...we will ask a user to pass the survey

When a user cancels trial or subscription...

User will receive a Push-notification asking to update App Store payment details if a billing issue occurs.

Automatically handle renewals billing issues

“I used the app on vacations but don’t need it anymore. BTW I found a better app than yours.”

“30GB of cloud storage is enough to store my photos”

“I can’t understand how to purchase a premium account!”

Other reason

I don’t need the app

Free plan is enough for me

View subscription cancellation reasons to make right product decisions.

Understand why your users cancel trials and subscriptions

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